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Our Computer Science Journey... Leading our students into their Future

On Friday, November 6th, Rios students had an opportunity to share their ”Epic Build” Scratch Projects with fellow students, parents, community members and special guest. The Showcase was the culminating event for our first trimester Computer Science Program, which focused on Block Coding. The tool we used was “Scratch,” a block coding program created by research students at MIT. Students from TK through 5th grade created a grade level Epic Build project or game for the Showcase. The Epic Build Project is aligned to the computer science concepts and skills taught during the first trimester. For example, third grade students learned about loops and conditionals then created a project called, Pole Position. In this project, students used loops and conditional statement blocks to create a two player racetrack game. Not only did the students design the race course, create boundaries, and sprites, they learned how to use variables to count laps and programmed keyboard arrows to control movement within the game! In addition to students demonstrating their Scratch projects, our fifth grade students shared a Keynote Presentation which included an informational slideshow. It was like a mini TED talk! Students were so excited and the energy throughout the school was electrifying! As principal, I am humbled and inspired by Rios teachers and students! They accepted the challenge of becoming a computer science magnet school and share their enthusiasm for learning together! Special “shoutout” to Andrew and Keith CODE to the Future, Ruben and Miguel Print Shop, David, Kari and Jonathan District Leadership, and Justin Slagle, Tamara Otero, Jo Alegria, Suzanne Mullins, and Jill D. Barto School Board Trustees. Thank you all for supporting our school! Looking forward to our third trimester Showcase.

Elizabeth Loether, Principal
Rios Computer Science Magnet School