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CVUSD and World of Work Featured on The Hechinger Report

How young is too young to start introducing students to future careers?

One California district’s “World of Work” program starts in kindergarten
May 2, 2018

In Southern California’s Cajon Valley Union School District, career exploration starts in kindergarten. Five-year-olds learn about police officers, doctors, artists, teachers, bakers and farmers. Over the next eight years, until they leave the district for high school, they will cycle through learning about 54 different careers, including real estate agent, paralegal, dietitian, reporter, graphic designer, sociologist, urban and regional planner and financial analyst.

A core belief of those who created the program, which began this year, is that there is dignity in all work, a belief reflected in the range of careers highlighted.

“We have STEM careers, we have trades and everything in between,” said Ed Hidalgo, the chief innovation and engagement officer in the district and co-developer of the World of Work initiative. “We want to help every child find their place in the world, and in order to do that, we need to help them understand their strengths, their interests and their values.”...

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