• Thank you for visiting our Parent Resource Page. This page has helpful resources and topics that are geared toward helping families and children. If you have questions about any of these resources, please see your school counselor.


    Call211 for all resources in San Diego Count or visit  www.211.org.This is a confidential help center that can offer referrals for a variety of needs in your area.

    San Diego Youth Services

    SanDiego Youth Services offers youth counseling services and family support.Call 619-258-6877 or visit sdyouthservices.org

    Chaldean Middle Eastern Social Services

    A great resource for Middle Eastern families in East County, call 619-631-7400 or visit www.c-mss.org

    Grossmont Union High School District

    For all high school related questions, please contact Grossmont Union High School District directly.  If you have any questions regarding where your child will be attending high school, and if you are considering a different high school, then contact GUHSD by Febuary as there are deadlines for this request.  Call 619-644-8000 or visit www.guhsd.net.

    CrossroadsFamily Center

    1679E.Main St. # 102

    (619) 441-1907

    A community based agency that provides individual and family counseling, as well as crisis intervention.