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    Sixth grade Physical Education focuses on a variety of activities and fitness development. Each student is exposed to a variety of activities that may include soccer, cooperative handball, basketball, four-way kickball, swimming, flag football, fitness testing, track and field, Frisbee and capture the flag.

    My philosophy and focus for my 6th grade students is to get them moving as much as possible, to help them understand why it is important to get their body moving, to help them improve their skills and fitness levels and to help them learn to be cooperative with each other. 

    Students will change their clothes to participate in PE and wear a school PE uniform that includes shorts and a t-shirt. They can be purchased from the PE teachers during the first week of school and through out the school year as needed. A pair of running shoes is recommended as we will do a lot of running. Students will also need a swimming suit to use in the pool, although dark colored shirts and shorts can be used if they don't have a bathing suit.

     If you want to contact me directly you can email me at smithe@cajonvalley.net or leave a message for me at my voicemail box at 619-588-3107.