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    Welcome to Mrs. Reynolds'Art Class!

     Contact: reynoldsm@cajonvalley.net
    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,
    In art class, our course of study will focus upon problem solving, using the elements and principles of design in order to create expressive, but well-organized works of art. We will also focus on basic drawing skills. Students will be exposed to a variety of both two and three-dimensional materials and mediums.  
    The key concepts for Visual Art according to the IB curriculum are the following:
    • Aesthetics deals with the characteristics, creation, meaning and perception of beauty and taste.
    • Change is a conversion or transformation from one form to another.
    • Communication involves the activity of conveying information or meaning.
    • Identity refers to the particular features that define individuals, groups, things, eras, places, symbols and styles. 
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