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    History Overview :
    My name is Mr. DeGering, and the only thing I love more than learning about History and World Cultures, is teaching it. I want to provide opportunities for each of my students to connect their own personal experiences and identity with the questions, concepts, and content discussed from our lessons. This year we will be studying several different civilizations around the world during.  We will explore these civilizations through readings, writings, artifacts, group activities, visual aids/supports, internet use, interactive "hands on" projects, and technology based supports.  The following are some guidelines that will allow us to have a successful and exciting year. 
    The key concepts we will be focusing on are the following: 
    • Change is a force that shapes the world:  past, present and future.  It is universal and inevitable.
    • Time, place, and space are intrinsically linked.
    • Global Interactions are the interconectedness of the world
    • Systems provide structure and order.  They are dynamic and complex.  Everything is connected to a system. 
    The majority of our classwork will be done digitally. As Students transition to 1:1 technology on individual computers our classroom will also transition to a technology based environment. It is the students' responsibility to check our classroom website as well as Google Classroom to stay up to date on assignments, homework, projects, and any other event listed on the calendar. 
    Google Classrooms Contains: 
    • Classwork 
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    • Class Announcements
    • Class Slides, Videos, Visual Aids
    Mr. DeGering's Classroom Website Contains:
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    Classroom Website: https://sites.google.com/site/historyformrdegering/