•          I am Susan Plack and I teach 5th grade here at Magnolia Elementary School in El Cajon, California. Our class will focus on Common Core Content Standards for Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, Art, Music and PE, and the Next Generation Science Standards for Science.
              I am very happy to have your child in my class this year!  I am excited about the implementation of our “Blended Learning” environment and Common Core State Standards.  Our class is one to one with technology, and we will be using our Chrome Books every day.  This will be a year filled with learning, surprises, and new educational experiences.
    One to One
             The rollout of our one to one program, and the new standards, will allow us to do a lot of discovery this year.  We will integrate our devices into our learning, so that we can travel outside the classroom and study things that interest us.  Look for lots of projects this year.  You can access and keep a watch on our work from home by checking out your student’s Google Drive, and Google Classroom. All students will be using their google accounts, that are assigned to them by the district.  So they will have access to their works in progress both at home, and at school.

    Online curriculum
             Our math curriculum is now available on-line.  Students can continue to get more practice by logging in to this website at home. The website contains their student textbook, homework, daily review pages, enrichment pages, and lots of activities for them to practice their math skills.    https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do
             Students can access our web based math curriculum at ST Math http://stmath.com .  
             Most of our assignments will be posted up on our Google Classroom at http://classroom.google.com
             Students can also access their daily lessons (taught by me!) here https://www.playposit.com/ 

    Positive Rewards
            I make every effort to create a fun and positive atmosphere in classes.  I truly believe that we learn better when we are relaxed and open to new ideas.  Our main reward system for good behavior and work completion is our Green Tickets. Students can earn tickets for work completion, good behavior, and parent notices that are signed by you.  Students are then able to spend their tickets for prizes and class supplies.

    Staying Organized
              We are moving on to middle school next year.  Staying organized is critical.  We will be using a google calendar as our planner this year.  It is very important that parents check the calendar nightly to see what assignments were covered in class that day.

    Please Stay in Touch
             The best way to contact me is through email.  I read my email daily and will respond right away.  Often I am able to respond by email faster than by phone.  You can email me at plack@cajonvalley.net, Our school address can be found on our district website at www.cajonvalley.net.
             You can also call me at 588-3080 room 11, or stop by anytime before or after school. Please call or email with any concerns or questions you may have. The sooner I hear about a concern, the sooner we can start on a solution.

    We are innovators and makers. We strive to think outside the box, and create. So, welcome to our class website!

    A personal note about me:
    I am allergic to most perfumes, colognes, hair gel, and soaps with a strong smell. Please avoid wearing anything with a strong smell when you visit our class.
    Thank you!