• Dear Parents,

    I am looking forward to meeting you and getting to know my new students! Between now and then you may want to start thinking of back to school items. Many stores are having sales right now, so it is a great time to pick up some helpful supplies for third grade! If you are unable to purchase these items, please see me.

    Helpful 3rd Grade Supplies:

    Folder with 2 pockets (transparent plastic kind is best)

    Hand held pencil sharpener with lid (some have a hole for sharpening crayons too)

    pencils (wood pencils are just fine)

    erasers (no eraser "toys" please)

    Homework will begin on the first day of school and will be assigned Monday through Thursday on a weekly basis. Please monitor your child's daily homework completion and watch for daily updates on the homework calendar, especially at the beginning of the school year as new routines and procedures are being established.

    Thank you for your support at home!

    Mr. Morrison

    Mr. Morrison

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