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    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  Email is preferred.

    Name: Julie Ursini-Davis
    Email Address: davisj@cajonvalley.net

    Common Core Math 7 Grading Policies and Classroom Expectations
    Name of Textbook:  California GO Math Middle School Grade 7
    Course Description:  This math class will prepare students for the mathematics in the eighth grade.  The curriculum will emphasize pre-algebra concepts such as: operations with rational numbers, ratios, proportions and percents, expressions, equations and inequalities, geometry, statistics and probability.
    Tests are given at the end of every unit.  We will always review in class the day before and practice problems will be given as the homework assignment.  Students who score less than 70% will have the opportunity to retake the test.
    Quizzes will be given periodically.  The quizzes will be based on the problems that were assigned for homework.
    Homework/Classwork will be assigned most days and is due the next school day.  Parents, homework is a crucial part in being successful in math.  Please ensure that your child completes homework by checking my PowerSchool website.  It is also important to check grades online at Q/Zangle Parent Connect.  Use the same pin and password as last year.  Turning in late work is unproductive and therefore any homework turned in late will only count as 50% of the original assignment unless it is because of an excused absence.  A student will have as many days as absent to make up the missed work.  
    Violations of the Hillsdale Middle School Rules found on the Hillsdale Website under the Husky planner will lower you citizenship grade.  Continued violations will lead to parent phone calls, parent conferences, detentions, loss of school privileges, and office referrals.    
    The effort grade will be based on the homework average and the number of assignments completed.    
    Tutoring will be available every day from 8:30 to 9:00 except when I have assigned duty or meetings.  Please check in advance for availability. 
    Success in Mathematics 
        The main reason students have difficulty with mathematics is that they  don’t know how to study it.  Studying mathematics is different from studying  other subjects like English and history.  The key to success is regular practice.   This should not be surprising.  After all, can you learn to ski or play musical  instruments without a lot of practice?  The same thing is true for learning  mathematics.  Working problems nearly every day is the key to becoming  successful.  Here are some suggestions to help you succeed in this class:  
    • Pay attention in class and make careful notes.  
    • Feel free to ask questions in class.  It is not a sign of weakness, but of  strength.  
    • Determine whether tutoring is needed and know how to get help when  needed.  Please see me before school.  
    • Before you start your homework, look over the problems worked in class.   This will reinforce what you learned in class.  
    • Read your book carefully.  
    • Check your work before checking with the answers in the back of the  book.  Attempt to rework the problem more than once.  If you get a  problem wrong and are unable to understand why, mark that problem  and ask your teacher.  
    • Work as neatly as you can in pencil and organize your work.  Working  neatly will help you think clearly and also make it easier to review the  homework before a test.  
    • Don’t worry if you do not understand a new topic right away.  As you  read more about it and work through the problems, you will gain  understanding.
    • Find a classmate who will share class notes with you if you must miss a  class.