Welcome to the Hillsdale Middle School Music Department!

    We look forward to the year secure in the belief that it will be another banner year for Hillsdale. Through the music program, Hillsdale music students will not only learn to play a musical instrument, but will also learn the essential qualities of self-discipline, rehearsal conduct, performance deportment, instrument and vocal care, music theory, and an appreciation of the musical fine arts. There are four main components - Recording, Performance, Expert Evaluation, and Character Development .

    We will perform winter and spring concerts, perform for adjudicators and family, and be recognized for our outstanding behavior on and off the stage. Students will be given opportunities to audition for honor groups that will give them direct links to colleges and their recruiters. We have seen students use music to get ahead in life and finance their college. More than ever, colleges have seen the music student as an important part of their college, and we have many examples of colleges choosing our graduates over non-musicians. In fact, recently a former student received a full-ride to UCLA in music. Our students have also fed into every Ivy league school.

    Students accomplishments over the years have included: 2 time "Top 5 in the Nation" Recording contest through Sony Music- Featured on Local News with Larry Himmel, Dave Scott, and Rod Luck. - 3 time ITV selected Performance from KSDS 88.3 Jazz City College Jazz Festival - Over 100 students selected for All-County Honor Band since its inception. – 24 All-State Honor Band Participants since its inception - 4 National Honor Band Participants - Achieved high ratings in local and regional Festivals - Community Performer for many events (Taste of East County, Policeman's Foundation Dinner at the Prado, Movie Openings, Viejas Outlet Center, La Mesa Old Fashioned Xmas, Women’s Abuse shelter opening, etc.) - 12 time Sweepstakes winner and Three time "Esprit De Corps" Winner at “Music in the Parks”. - We have earned nearly $100,000 in tickets in exchange for our performance at Disneyland.- Two time selected performer for the California Music Educators Association "Administrators Dessert" show - Jazz Ensemble and Choir.

    Studies have shown that taking a music class enhances higher brain function, improves reading and math performance, raises IQ scores, provides important experiences, increases SAT Scores, teaches a habit of excellence, develops quick and decisive thinking, builds teamwork, and enhances cooperation, which ultimately will prepare children for their future.

    Membership in these close-knit and active groups is a source of considerable pride. While music probably requires more time than some activities, these activities are richly rewarding. The requirements of the class are demanding, yet entirely within reach of any student willing to work.

    We are so fortunate to have an amazing community of parents and H.M.D.P.A a non-profit 501(c)(3). Because of them, we can continue to foster the musical development of all our students. Please consider being a part of this organization. A separate packet is designed to answer questions about what they do.


    Thank you for your participation, and we look forward to working with all of you.
    Mr. Spencer Caldwell (Beginning Band and Strings, Concert and Symphonic Band, and Drumline) Email: caldwells@cajonvalley.net

    Mrs. Monica Disselkoen (Intermediate Band and Intermediate Orchestra, Choir accompaniment) Email: disselkoenm@cajonvalley.net

    HMDPA website: www.HMDPA.org

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