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    At Greenfield Middle School, I believe that Physical Education is an integral component of our students' overall education. Physical Education, which promotes the skills and enjoyment of movement and physical activity, plays a critical role in our students' achievement of becoming a "Healthy Individual".

    Through Physical Education, my hope is getting our students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the importance of having an active, healthy, and safety conscious lifestyle; acquire fundamental movement skills and confidence to participate in a variety of life-long physical activities; develop important social skills including conflict resolution; develop resect for others; and achieve a fundamental level of fitness and an understanding of how to enhance it.

    I believe it is important for our program to offer developmentally grade level appropriate activities beginning in the 6th grade, with a focus on basic movement skills and activities that develop self-confidence, and individual and social enjoyment. Throughout middle school, our Physical Education staff continue to develop these areas with an increase focus on health-related fitness, specific movement and motor skills, as well an introduction to sports related strategies and an increased emphasis on sportsmanship and social interaction. We also promote the development of leadership skills, and the knowledge that will enable our students to make choices and participate with confidence in a variety of physical activities throughout their lives.