Degrees and Certifications:

Laura Pribyl

Stuck in our house during winter in Upstate New York for endless hours and endless days, my sister and I virtually lived in our attic playing…... school. So what was I thinking when I majored in Accounting at San Diego State?! A few years later, while volunteering in my own children’s classrooms I realized how much I loved being around kids and went back to State to get my teaching credential. The first ten years of my career I taught second-grade at Johnson Elementary. I moved to Fuerte in 2006 where I started in second-grade and noted the profound difference four geographical miles made. In 2009, I moved to fourth-grade and became the math teacher. It’s a subject that often induces a lot of anxiety, so we tell jokes and make up silly problems.  I do my best to convince each student that they can learn as long as they don’t give up, and my greatest joy is when a student who previously disliked math comes up and tells me it’s their favorite subject.

In my spare time, I love traveling and reading and spending time with family and friends.