• Welcome to English Language Arts!


    Course Description:

    This class is a literature-based course of study that will be taught in a blended-learning environment using Common Core State Standards.  Students will have the opportunity to read, analyze, discuss, and write in various forms related to material read. Students will review and practice English grammar, language mechanics and usage, and use listening and speaking skills. Assignments are developed to strengthen higher-level thinking skills. The Lucy Calkins' Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Units of Study will be used to guide students through the writing process with the use of short, concise mini-lessons and constant writing practice.


    Course Content:

    • You will reflect on and make connections to our society, the world, and humanity through assigned reading, writing, and discussion.

    • You will continue the development of writing skills through interpretive essays, research projects, vocabulary, and project-based assignments.

    • You will analyze poetry, short stories, and novels in the core curriculum.

    • You will explore different perspectives in class discussion and group situations.

    • You will be studying novels (including, but not limited to) Tuck Everlasting, Touching Spirit Bear, The Miracle Worker, The Outsiders, Hatchet, The Hunger Games, various short stories and poems, the research process, and grammar.



    Your grade will be determined by point accumulation as well as effort and participation.

    Totaled grades will be determined using the following scale:

    90-100%= A   80-89%= B   70-79%= C   60-69%= D   0-59%= F

    Grades will be posted online throughout each quarter. Students and their parents can access class grades at any time by accessing Parent Portal via the Internet. I do not weigh or round-up grades.  The grade you earn is the grade you will receive.


    Make-up/Late Assignments:

    Late work will not receive full credit unless you have an excused absence.  It is your responsibility to determine missed assignments by checking with your study buddy or checking the class assignment calendar online. You will have one day for every day you are absent to make up the work you missed. If you are ever unclear on my expectations for an assignment, please ask me to explain.  I am happy to help you understand what you need to do.


    Daily Assignments:

    You will be required to reflect on, interpret, or directly respond to the literature we are studying through writing assignments and/or discussion.  You will be graded on class participation (points added at the end of the quarter).  Class discussion is a significant part of this class because it enriches and enforces what you are learning.  It also makes things interesting!    




    • StudySync
    • Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study
    • Various Novels
    • Various Short Stories and Poems

    Suggested Supplies/Materials For This Class:

    1. Composition Notebook

    2. Pens and pencils

    3. Hand-held pencil sharpener with enclosed shaving holder

    4. Markers

    5. Scissors

    6. Stick Glue

    7. Elmer’s Glue

    8. Colored Pencils

    9. Highlighters

    10. 3 Ring Binder
    11. Notebook Paper
    12. Expo Marker


    Acceptable Use Policy:

    Cajon Valley Unified is a Google Apps for Education district. As such, students will regularly use Google Drive and other educational applications. We will adhere to all rules as stated in the district’s Acceptable Use Policy, as well as our own technology code of conduct provided to students.


    Classroom Responsibilities/Procedures:


    1. Be in your seat when the bell rings.

    2. Bring all books and materials to class.

    3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    4. Stay quiet when the teacher or a classmate is talking, and during individual activities.

    5. Be respectful of people, property, and ideas: no put-downs or harsh words.

    6. Bring your enthusiasm and imagination to learn!


    Tardy Policy:

    EVERY MINUTE COUNTS! Attendance is crucial to your success in this class.  Every student must come to class regularly and on time. Late students can expect consequences per teacher, each quarter such as:

    • campus clean-up

    • detention

    • parent contact via email or phone message

    • administrative referral


    *** In addition to these responsibilities, you must follow the rules and be aware of the policies stated in the Student Handbook (no gum, dress code, etc.). Appropriate consequences for offenses will be enforced. I look forward to a year of cooperation and high achievement!


    Contact Information:


    (619) 938-8600