Our goal is to develop into life long learners who demonstrate positive attributes and attitudes in order to become contributing citizens of a global society.
    Our 5th grade class will focus on 21 century learning which include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication while learning the Common Core Content Standards for Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Physical Activities. 
    Our class is based on the belief that all students can improve their skills. We will work through challenging curriculum and project based learning for 5th grade students adding in enriching activities that allow students to "Think Creatively, outside of the box", and "Show Their Critical Thinking".  This year, we will use a "Blended Learning Environment "working in small groups as well as whole class. We will enhance our on 4 “C”s skills, while we work on our 5th grade Common Core standards.  Throughout the year, students will participate in several research projects, expanding their knowledge in a topic of their choice.
    We will explore our world through reading, science, math, fine arts, technology, physical activities, and social studies while focusing on being a global citizen at school.