6th grade Wheel Electives

    6th graders are placed on an elective wheel for 12 weeks and get to try 3 electives for the year. 


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    Art 6: ​Intro to Art

    Students build their foundational skills and apply them in meaningful and creative ways. Art students develop ideas and themes in original works of visual art and hands on activities. Topics covered include: color theory, elements and principles of art, ancient art history periods and movements, famous artists and vocabulary. Students will learn how to use tools, materials, and techniques of various 2D, 3D and digital media to make intentional choices in original art.


    Presentation Literacy/ Beginning Drama

    Students engage in a series of Explorations designed to help them present an amazing TED-Ed talk on an idea that they are passionate about. Along the way, students will become experts in:

    • Identifying the elements of a great idea
    • Researching, developing and presenting an idea
    • Creating visuals to tell a compelling story
    • Using best practices for camera, lighting and sound

    By the end of the trimester, each student will have a filmed TED-Ed talk, and may be recommended to participate in our district’s TEDx event, or share his or her idea through social media outlets, ed.ted.com, the TED-Ed Clubs YouTube channel, or possibly even the TED stage!


    Computer Science: Game Design

    This course is designed to inspire students and open their eyes to the endless possibilities of computer coding. Your student will create video games while designing their own interactive video games using Scratch. This drag-and-drop platform developed by MIT, allows them to expand upon basic coding concepts as they develop a strong foundation in computational thinking.



    Beginning Band: ​Yearlong (Available Grades 6 and 7)

    Band class is a wonderful opportunity to learn to read music, play an instrument and perform for an audience. This class is open to students who have limited experience with music, as well as those who know nothing about music. All you really need is to have an interest in playing an instrument.