I am Ms. O'Hara, the Educational Specialist in Room 710B, which houses the upper grade Lexington Learning Center for Grades 3-5. 

    • Here’s a little information about me:

      • This is my 31st  year of teaching special education. I have taught all grade levels from K to 12, in 3 different countries in the world: Singapore, Australia and the United States.  I taught at Magnolia Elementary for 11 years before moving to Lexington. 

      • This is my 8th year at Lexington. I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and Sociology, a Bachelors of Education in Special Education, and two Masters of Arts in Education: one in Teaching and the other in Special Education. I love teaching, especially watching students get excited about learning!

    My Philosophy of Education is this:

    I believe that no child is ‘uneducable”. If they are not succeeding in learning, it’s because we have yet to find the right mix of strategies and programs to help them access the learning process. I also practice what Plato, the great philosopher said over 2000 years ago, 

    Do not lead children to learning by force, but by what amuses them.” 


    I believe learning should be fun and engaging wherever and whenever possible, and I strive to do that for your student as much as I can.

    I love to read, garden, bake breads and travel as much as I can. My current travel goal is to visit at least one major city in  every single US state.