• School Supplies 

    If you are looking to purchase supplies for your child, the following items would be helpful to ensure a successful start to this new and exciting school year.
    • Backpack (to carry binder, Chromebook, journals, etc. to each class)
    • 3 ring binder (1” or larger)
    • Dividers - pre-labeled
      • Lang. Arts
      • Math
      • Science
      • S.S.
      • Writing Rotation
    • Sturdy pencil pouch that clips in binder (suggested item)
    • 2 BLACK EXPO broad tip, low odor, dry erase markers (in pencil pouch) (BLACK ONLY)
    • Black SHARPIE marker, fine point (in pencil pouch)
    • 50 count colored pencils (store in a pencil pouch labeled with your child's name)
    • PLEASE DO NOT send your child with any items not listed above.

    Two of our goals this year are to work on organization and foster student independence.  Both of these student traits will help your student toward success as we start this new and exciting school year.  We are looking forward to working with your child this school year!