General Education Transportation (Gen Ed)

  • The State of California determined that transportation for general education students is not a mandatory service related to the educational process. Districts offering general education busing options are not fully reimbursed for the cost of operating these routes; therefore, the Cajon Valley Union School District provides transportation services on a fee basis only. We provide home-to-school of residence transportation to pupils in grades K-8 living outside of the established self-transportation radius.  Students residing within pre-determined transportation areas may apply for busing; students eligible for Transportation Service will be assigned a bus route and a bus stop.  The Cajon Valley Union School District offers transportation to the following school sites: Avocado, Blossom Valley, Flying Hills, Fuerte, Hillsdale, Jamacha, Los Coches Creek, Rios, and Vista Grande.

    Transportation eligibility services are determined by the distance from a student's home to their school of residence.  The Transportation Department identifies the closest, appropriate pickup location between the school property and the pupil's home residence.  The distance will be measured by the shortest practical route on maintained public roadways or over existing pedestrian facilities capable of meeting the requirements.  


    Grades Distance
    Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd-grade students More than 1 mile
    3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th-grade students attending elementary schools More than 1 1/2 miles
    6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students attending middle schools More than 2 1/2 miles 



    We are excited to welcome your students back to the school bus for the 2020-2021 school year.  As we continue to operate within requirements of COVID-19 protocols, your student's bus ride will look very different. The CVUSD Transportation Department has implemented new protocols endorsed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE); these recommendations include regular vehicle sanitizing, air circulation, temperature, and symptom screening, along with protective equipment to help safeguard your child and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  All of our staff have been trained on proper sanitizing and safety protocols to reduce the risk of infection. 


    The Cajon Valley Union School District has made the decision at this time to not guarantee physical distancing on our buses.  To accommodate individual family needs CVUSD has provided several learning options to choose from.  As we prepare to support individual flexibility for our families, we must plan to have nearly all students ride which can potentially preclude us from assuring physical distancing on our buses.  As you can see, we are attempting to be very transparent with our student ridership community so you have the knowledge to make the best decision for your child(ren).


    The following procedures have been adopted and implemented by the Cajon Valley Union School District Transportation Department.  These requirements must be met to ensure the safe transportation of each student. If you do not feel that you and your student can comply with these temporary requirements, we encourage you to find other forms of transportation.


    At the Bus Stop

    • Parents are required to wait with their students at the bus stop until they have completed screening and entered the bus.
    • If possible, screen child(ren) for symptoms before leaving for the bus stop each morning; keep child(ren) home if they have symptoms. 
    • Students are required to wear face coverings at school bus stops (please bring from home). 
    • Students are required to maintain physical distancing (minimum 6 feet) at bus stops. 
    • Students shall line up based on seating position within the bus.


    Entering the Bus

    Temperature checks and COVID-19 screening is mandatory. If your student's temperature is 100.0 or higher, or they are displaying symptoms of the virus, he/she will not be permitted to ride the bus.  New to the bus pass application is a secondary/emergency contact.  If a parent is unable to escort their student or wait at the bus stop until health screening is completed, and their student does not pass the health criteria for riding, the Transportation staff will contact a parent to return to the bus stop.  If we cannot contact a parent, the secondary/emergency contact will be notified.


    Symptom screening will consist of a series of questions to determine if the student has experienced any symptoms associated with COVID-19. 


    1. Do you have a new cough, nasal congestion, or a runny nose?
    2. Are you experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
    3. Are you having new muscle pain or fatigue?
    4. Do you have a headache (that is not normal for you)? 
    5. Do you have a sore throat? 
      • Are you experiencing a new loss of taste or smell? 
      • Are you experiencing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or diarrhea? 
    6. Do you have a new rash? 
    7. Have you been exposed to anyone who has been tested positive for COVID-19 in the last two weeks? 


    • Face coverings are required for the duration of the bus ride.
    • Students will be assigned seats from the back of the bus to the front.
    • Students are prohibited from moving seats.


    Amended Transportation Protocols during COVID

    • Students must be enrolled in the Transportation program and have a valid bus pass; tickets will not be accepted, and a bus pass is required.  (This applies to students wishing to ride home with friends). 
    • Students will only be picked up/dropped off at their designated stop, NO EXCEPTIONS
    • AM and PM stops should be the same location.


    Bus Pass Sales

    During this pandemic, the Cajon Valley Transportation department is only providing a first-semester, round trip bus pass option.  The cost of this pass is $75.00. Should schools shut down for the duration of the first semester due to COVID, a credit will be applied to your second-semester bus pass.


    We are eliminating the reduced bus pass option for the first semester, if your household meets the income qualifications for reduced bus pass pricing, a pass will be issued to your student(s) free of charge.  Applicants must meet income guidelines and apply in person.  You must declare all income in your household and submit the following information (where applicable) for review.  Applications for free passes WILL NOT be mailed.  

      Two most recent pay stubs for every working adult showing gross salary and/or prior year Tax return forms (1040 or 1040EZ)
    • Letter from employer on company letterhead verifying two months' gross salary. 
      Social Security retirement benefit letter
      Statement of benefits received and/or pension award notice
      Notice of eligibility from the State Employment Security office 
      Copy of  disability award letter
      Check stub  
    • Notice of Action or Statement
      Court decree or agreement  
      Copies of checks received
      Profit & Loss Statement on company letterhead (most recent 2 months)   
      Income Tax Return and W-2's from the prior year
    • All OTHER INCOME:  
      Any cash income received or withdrawn from investments, trust accounts, and/or other sources such as a bank savings or checking account
    • NO INCOME: 
      If you have no income, provide a brief note explaining how you obtain food, clothing, and other household necessities 
    • Bus passes may be purchased at the school site or by mailing the included application with your payment to The Transportation Department, P.O. Box 1007, El Cajon CA 92022-1007.  If you wish to drop your application off in person at the Transportation Department, we encourage you to use our contactless drop box located outside the Transportation lobby entrance.


    Bus passes may be purchased by mailing the included application with your payment to The Transportation Department, P.O. Box 1007, El Cajon CA 92022-1007 or, at the school site.  If you wish to drop your application off in person, we encourage you to use our contactless drop box located outside the Transportation lobby entrance.

    Please note the protocols for school bus transportation may change as we receive updated guidance.  Thank you for your patience as we navigate these changes.


    *If your child has a specific medical condition that would preclude them from wearing a mask, please call the Transportation Department for further assistance