• Mrs. Hollingsworth

    7th Grade Mathematics

    Los Coches Creek CSMA Magnet Middle School

    9669 Dunbar Lane, El Cajon, CA 92021

    (619) 938-8600

    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Welcome to Los Coches Creek Middle School!  I am extremely excited to have your child in my class this year This year will be different than years in the past, but I look forward to working with you and your child and making his or her mathematical experience both positive and successful. 

    Homework will be assigned and turned in daily. For the start of the school year, students will need to upload a picture of their homework to google classroom. Students will have a chance to grade homework and self-assess their progress. Homework will be graded based on effort and understanding of the material shown by their work on EVERY problem.  Late assignments will be accepted for partial credit within 5 days from the assignment due date.  If a student is absent prior to or on the day of a quiz or exam, students are expected to take the missed quiz or exam on the day they return.  It is the student’s responsibility to get all missing work, worksheets, notes, etc.  I encourage all students to contact me or even a classmate for class information when absent.  REMEMBER: ZEROS ARE DETRIMENTAL TO A STUDENT’S GRADE.

    To start the school year, ZOOM preparation points will be given daily. Students will receive 5 points a day for logging into the lesson on time, for having and keeping their video on, for staying on screen, keeping their eyes on the screen, and staying to the very end of the lesson.

    I will be posting weekly homework assignments to my teacher page and google classroom. The weekly homework assignments are posted for students to check when they are absent and for parents to see what their student is doing on a weekly basis.   

    Each student will be issued a common core textbook/workbook. Students can also access their textbooks on the chromebooks through the HelloID app called my.hrw.

    All students are expected to take thorough notes and keep their math Interactive Notebooks organized. Students are recommended to get a spiral notebook. Let Mrs. Hollingsworth know if you need help getting one.

    The following school supplies are recommended to contribute to your student's success in mathematics this year: 

    • 1 Spiral notebook- at least 200 pages (preferably 5 subject, 8 ½ x 11inch, college ruled with plastic cover)
    • Pencil pouch with 4 sharpened or mechanical pencils and grading pens (1 green, 1 red)
    • Glue stick
    • Scientific calculator (optional, as one may be accessed on chromebooks)
    • Highlighter
    • Chromebook (charged and ready daily), charger and earbuds

    Grades will be updated daily and posted on Zangle weekly. ZANGLE Student Portal can be accessed using your students ID# and Google Password.  Please check the student portal weekly to remain informed of your child’s grades in all of his/her classes.   

    Students will be allowed to use their notes on quizzes and tests.

    Effort Grades are based on the percentage in the HOMEWORK category.  Citizenship grades are determined by classroom rules and behaviors.  An infraction log is kept each trimester for violations of the school and/or classroom rules.  Three infractions will result in lower citizenship grades and/or loss of privileges.  

    In addition to homework, other methods of evaluation and assessment include quizzes, chapter tests, notebook checks, in-class assignments, and projects.  The grading system is as follows: 

    90 - 100           =          A                                  HOMEWORK         =          20% of overall grade

    80 - 89             =          B                                  CLASSWORK          =          20% of overall grade

    70 - 79             =          C                                  QUIZZES                  =          20% of overall grade

    60 - 69             =          D                                  EXAMS                    =          40% of overall grade 

    0 - 59               =          F                                  TOTAL                     =          100% 

    Student Expectations

    • Ask questions when you don’t understand something. You probably are asking a question for everyone else.
    • Actively listen by asking questions, volunteering answers or offering alternative ways to solve problems.
    • Complete ALL classwork/homework as assigned.
    • Make up work when absent as soon as possible. Speak with me about due dates at the end of a class period.
    • Work with others…respect their ideas, opinions, and thinking.
    • Check my website/google classroom daily for homework/notes and the Student Portal weekly for your grade.
    • PERSEVERE! Don’t quit! Be the best you can be!


    Please feel free to contact me at (619) 938-8600 or email me at hollingswortha@cajonvalley.net  if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you and your child to ensure that this school year will be productive and successful.




    Aubrey Hollingsworth

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