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    Hello Bostonia and Greenfield Families,


    We are excited to announce that the proposal for a new Cajon Valley school was approved by the CVUSD school board. The proposed TK-14 charter school, Bostonia Global Academy, will be an educational model specifically designed to develop the unique strengths, interests, and values of each student on their pathway to gainful employment. This proposal comes to the Cajon Valley Governing Board from several years of community, staff, and student input. Students enrolled in the academy will be provided an educational experience where they can begin working on their career and college aspirations during their middle and high school years.

    Bostonia Language Academy will continue to be a School of Choice within the Cajon Valley Union School District. Students who wish to, or currently attend Greenfield Middle School may elect to stay there, however, dual-language classes will no longer be offered at Greenfield Beginning in the 2020-21 school year.

    Transitions and Timelines:

    As was the original plan, Bostonia will transition to a grades TK-8 school. Our first priority is to upgrade facilities and create learning spaces on the Bostonia campus designed for our middle school-aged students. Students will have the opportunity to experience Extraordinary Learning Opportunities, have an educational environment with individualized attention, be provided with professional networks and career mentors, and be provided with an education grounded in students' strengths, values, and dreams.

    Now that the Governing Board has approved the petition for the Bostonia TK-14 Global Academy, we will qualify to apply for start-up and planning grants from government, non-profit, and private venture capital. Our target date for opening as a TK-14 Academy is August 2020. We have already submitted applications and are being considered for startup and planning funding. Board approval is a requirement for these competitive grants.

    The opening of Bostonia TK-14 Global Academy is contingent upon attaining both startup funding and also securing facilities that can meet the needs of this unique school vision. There is also much work to be done on our school vision, coursework, curriculum, and design. We will be seeking the input of our students, staff, parents, and community beginning in January of 2020-please be part of these team meetings!