Cell Phone/Device Policy




    In accordance with CVUSD AR6163.4, Magnolia Elementary School has developed this policy related to the student use of personal electronic devices, including cell phones. 

    • Students may not share or post personal information or images of any other student, community member, or staff member without permission from that individual.


    • Students should not bring personal electronic gaming or music devices to school.  



    • If students bring cellular phones to school, these devices are to be turned off and placed in their backpacks while on school campus, from the time students enter campus until dismissal from school and any after-school program.  



    • Students are not permitted to access social media or other apps on their devices during school hours.


    • Should parents or guardians need to communicate with students, they should contact the school office.  When students need to communicate with parents or guardians, they should request use of a school phone.  


    • Students found in violation of this policy risk confiscation of their device(s) that may be held for parent/guardian pick-up. 



    • The school and district will not be held responsible for student property that is lost, stolen, or damaged.





    If a student is found to be in violation of this policy, the following consequences will be followed:



    • 1st Time= Warning
    • 2nd Time= Device taken to office until the end of the day and parent/guardian is called
    • 3rd Time=Parent must come pick up device and meet with principal.


    Repeated issues of defiance or disruption  related to cell phones or devices will require the device be locked in a drawer in the front office during the school day.

    LINK to Translated Version of Device Policy