• Date of Meeting: November 4, 2020

    Posted by Liz Loether on 11/4/2020

    Rios SSC Agenda Minutes

    Date of Meeting: November 4, 2020

    Time of Meeting: 3:00-4:00

    Location of Meeting: Zoom due to COVID-19

    Link to ByLaws

    President - Erika Broderdorf

    Vice President - Samantha Blackman

    Secretary - Danielle Weatherford


    Meeting over Zoom: https://cajonvalley.zoom.us/j/92055830573?pwd=aDNEWXUwbHV1Y0MyTG03RkR2YUVMQT09 


    Call to Order 

    Called to order by Erika Broderdorf at 3:02 pm

    Attendance: Liz Loether, Erika Broderdorf, Samantha Blackman, Joni Malecek, Jenay Butler, Taylor Cotton, Danielle Weatherford, Graciela Arredondo

    Quorum of 6

    SSC Business

     School Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)

    • Final Approval of School Site Plan 

    Accept recommendation to approve Site Plan motioned by Taylor Cotton, second by  Erika Broderdorf    , Motion carries


    School Safety Plan report 

    • Final Approval of School Safety Plan

    Accept recommendation to approve School Safety Plan motioned by Danielle Weatherford, second by Samantha Blackman, Motion carries


    • Current Budget Status
      • Title 1 Budget - $68,752.61
      • Supplemental and Concentration Budget -  $28,003.98

    Accept report on Budgets motioned by Danielle Weatherford, second by Taylor Cotton, Motion carries


    -Report  met and reviewed provided feedback on school site plan

    Accept report on DAC,DELAC, & ELAC motioned by Samantha Blackman, second by Taylor Cotton,     Motion carries

    Committee Reports- None


    Public Comment 

    - Limited to items in SSC perview 

    -No public comments


    Adjourn Meeting 

    Meeting adjourned by Erika Broderdorf at 3:11pm

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  • Date of Meeting: October 21, 2020

    Posted by Liz Loether on 10/21/2020

    Rios SSC Agenda Minutes

    Date of Meeting: October 21, 2020

    Time of Meeting: 3:00-4:00

    Location of Meeting: Zoom due to COVID-19

    Link to ByLaws

    Meeting over Zoom


    Call to Order 3:03pm

    Attendance: Broderdorf, Blackman, Balcazar, Weatherford, Cotton, Butler, Loether, Laura Peter(Public)

    Quorum of 6

    SSC Business

    -Selection of Officers

    President - Erika Broderdorf

    Vice President - Samantha Blackman

    Secretary - Danielle Weatherford


    - School Site Council Membership List and Roster

    Accept this year’s officer nominations and votes motioned by: Butler  Second by: Blackman   motion carried


    -Meetings: Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm Over Zoom 

    • October 21st - Council Officers, Review of Site Plan and Recommendations by the School Site Council
    • November 4th - Review and Approval of the School Site Plan for District Board Approval November 6th
    • Future meetings February, March May


     School Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)

    • Review Draft of School Site Plan, Provide Suggestions to Principal. 
    • One Pager of School Site Plan
    • Draft Provided

    Accept report on Site Plan motioned by Cotton, second by Weatherford, Motion carries


    • Current Budget Status
      • Title 1 Budget - $69,398.35
      • Supplemental and Concentration Budget -  $27,995.29

    Accept report on Budgets motioned by Blackman second Broderdorf by Motion carries


    -Report  N/A no updates

    Accept report on DAC,DELAC, & ELAC motioned by  Blackman    second by Weatherford     Motion carries

    Committee Reports

    -Bylaw Review Committee - Ericka and Weatherford

    Review and approval of Bylaws 

    Accept suggestions and approve bylaws motioned by: Cotton  Second by: Butler  motion carried

    Public Comment 

    - Limited to items in SSC perview 


    Adjourn Meeting 3:51

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  • Date of Meeting: October 7, 2020

    Posted by Liz Loether on 10/4/2020

    The Rios School Site Council works with our Principal and Staff to make decisions and recommendations for Rios School and school programs. These meetings are open to the public, only the School Site Council Members may discuss, act or vote on items listed on the agenda below. Any member of the public may share during public comment section of the meeting. 

    Public Posting of Agenda: 

    Date of Meeting: October 7, 2020
    Time of Meeting: 3:00-4:00
    Location of Meeting: Zoom due to COVID-19

    Meeting over Zoom
    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 978 8734 5361
    Passcode: X2gffcTbp7
    One tap mobile
    +16699009128,,97887345361#,,,,,,0#,,5755905237# US (San Jose)

    - Call to Order
    -SSC Business    
    -Approval of previous minutes Linked Here
    - Continuing Membership:
    - New Membership:
    -Meetings: Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm Over Zoom 

    • October 7th - Organizational meeting for new members and training on School Site Council
    • October 21st - Council Officers, Review of Site Plan and Recommendations 
    • November 4th - Review and Approval of the School Site Plan 
    • Future meetings February, March May

    -Video Training for School Site Council Members - https://youtu.be/QOueEaxuPWY 
    - Review and approval of Home School Compact and Title 1 Parent Engagement Information
    - School Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)

    • Report

    - Budget

    • Report

    -DAC, DELAC, & ELAC    

    • Share out 

    -Public Comment - Limited to items in SSC purview
    -Adjourn Meeting

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  • Date of Meeting: March 3, 2020

    Posted by Liz Loether on 2/28/2020

    Rios SSC Agenda 

    Date of Meeting: March 3, 2020

    Time of Meeting: 3:15pm - 4:15pm

    Location of Meeting: 13413 Rios Canyon Rd. Multipurpose Room

    Call to Order: 3:18

    In Attendance: Zubedy, Tiffany, Cecy, Loether, Weatherford, Johnson, Cotton, Butler

    ELAC Representative: Graciella

    SSC Business

    • Discussed Liz Loether and Jennay Butler not voting and allowing 3 parents and 3 staff members to vote on items to be equal representation of parents/staff. Motion by Mrs. Loether, second by Tiffany, motion carries
    • Reviewed and approved previous minutes. 
    • Proposed District LCAP Goals for 2020-2021
      • Reviewed and will build site goals around district goals




    LCFF Priority Areas


    All students will engage in a modern curriculum that will prepare them for the World of Work, based on their strengths, interests, and values

    Course Access


    All students, staff, and families feel safe, empowered, and respected

    Parent Involvement

    Student Engagement

    School Climate

    Basic Services


    All students will excel in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and mathematics.

    Student Outcomes

    Student Achievement

    State Standards


    Data Review

      • Program Updates and Monitoring: Reviewed updates below and discussed as necessary
      • Goal #1 - 
        • Teachers and staff are evaluating their needs for the close of the year and next year. Primary classrooms are looking toward the purchase of fiction class libraries to support leveled reading. Primary teachers are also planning the center room to become a child oriented Makerspace.
        • Mrs. Davis ourLibrarian has placed an order for books in the Library to expend library funds for the year. Books include fiction, no-fiction and books that highlight careers. 
        • PTA has donated $100 in books to each classroom teacher and $300 in books to the Library. 
        • Following a needs assessment of the classroom teachers needs for next year have been identified as, 
          • support for Computer Science ie. preparing computer science materials, supporting new teachers, helping to plan lessons, trouble-shooting beyond common knowledge. 
          • Support for EL students ie. tracking student progress, assessments, lesson planning.
          • Support for Students who are academically at risk or low performers ie. additional intervention, support during Literacy Boost, monitoring student progress.   


    • Goal #2


      • School Environment - Schoolwide we continue to address student behavior concerns. Teachers have added morning greetings at the classroom door to their routines. Playground supervision has increased and been trained on movement and scanning of students. Playground supervision has also engaged in new routines to assist students in regulating their energy at the close of recess. We continue Blue Ticket rewards and drawings during Friday lunches. 

    Goal #3

      • EL Students - Mrs. Gassaway has started ELPAC testing with our EL students. This is the assessment that identifies their classification level. It is administered upon entering school and annually. All EL students will take the ELPAC assessment this Winter/Spring. 
      • EL Students and Families -  In January we started this year’s Parent University classes lead by Mrs. Weatherford and Graciella. These are a series of 6 weekly meetings to assist parents with reading support at home as well as behavioral support. While Parents attend their meeting students are provided with baby sitting for preschool and younger children, and school age children are provided with additional tutoring. 
      • EL Students - Based on teacher feedback in a needs survey EL groups have been adjusted from afternoons to mornings with Mrs. Gassaway. This allows universal access for all student groups from 9:00-11:00 serving the LAnguage needs of EL, Special Ed., and General Education students at the same time. Additionally it will allow for increased support in the afternoons for our school’s focus of computer science. 
      • Following a needs assessment of the classroom teachers needs for next year have been identified as, 
        • Continue additional day of Spanish Speaking Liaison to encourage family engagement, share school programs with families and assist with communication with families. 



    • Goal #4


      • Family Engagement: Parents from SSC, PTA, ELAC and regular volunteers were invited to tour Rios Elementary School as part of a needs assessment for the school. Parents had an overall positive response to the tour and visiting classrooms. Parent groups were able to see the K-5 grade spans, Guidance lesson presented by the school counselor, World of Work curriculum, Science and Computer SCience activities. 
      • Survey Responses:
      • What do you like about Rios?
        • How kids learn to code in Kindergarten
        • Like the school schedule
        • The projects and small classes
        • computers
        • I like all the legos
        • Everyone is nice and friendly
        • good learning environment


      • What would you like to change about Rios?
        • Garden Area
        • Uniforms
        • nicer park
        • smaller class
        • Nothing
        • Nothing
        • Nothing
        • Nothing
      • Do you think your kid is safe at Rios?
        • yes for 11 of 11 surveys
      • Is your kid happy at school?
        • yes for 11 of 11 surveys
      • Does your kid have a best friend at school?
        • yes for 11 out of 11 surveys

    Single Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)

    • Proposed Budgets for 2020-2021
      • Reviewed proposed budget given data below and reviewing spreadsheet of items. 
      • Motion to accept budget for 2020-2021 Motion by Liz, Second by Cotton, Motion carries
    • Student Enrollment 284, 
      • Unduplicated students 206 or 72.5% 
      • Free/Reduced Lunch 69% (qualifies school for Title 1)
    • Allocation 2020-2021 $149,331 / Last year $158,975
      • Title 1 - $91,596
      • Supplemental Concentration - $37,675
      • Basic (not overseen by SSC) - $20,060



    • Transfers

    Reviewed transfer list, reviewed remaining balances.

    Motion to accept transfers by Mr. Cotton, second by Tiffany, Motion carries

    • Current Budget Status 2019-2020
      • Title 1 - $2,398.67 left / $74,753.00 start of year
      • Supplemental Concentration - $37,619.66 left / $55,520 start of year
      • Basic (not overseen by SSC) - $13,688.89 left /$28,702.00 start of year



    • ELAC had their annual potluck on February 25, 2020. This was a celebration of work Graciella and Mrs. Gassaway had provided to parents and students. 

    Share Committee Reports 

    • None 

    Public Comment 

    - Limited to items in SSC perview


    Team asked about work order items: electric Marquee, work order submitted in August, Front of School sidewalk, work order submitted, Kindergarten grass area, work order submitted, drinking fountain fixtures, work order submitted. 

    Adjourn School Site Council Adjourned at ___4:23pm ___.  


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  • Posted Agenda for Meeting on December 3, 2019

    Posted by Liz Loether on 12/3/2019

    Rios SSC Agenda 

    Date of Meeting: December 3, 2019

    Time of Meeting: 3:15pm - 4:15pm

    Location of Meeting: 13413 Rios Canyon Rd. Multipurpose Room

    Call to Order: 3:20

    In Attendance: Jennay Butler, Taylor Cotton, Danielle Weatherford, Liz Loether, Cecy Castellanos, Tiffany Zumdick, Kelsey Johnson. 

    ELAC Representative: Graciela

    SSC Business

    • Sabrina Wimmer, now a full time employee asked to step down from School Site council as Parent Representative.
    • One parent vacancy. During Fall election two parents ran unopposed and there is not an additional candidate that was on the ballot. 
      • Motion to open school elections for vacancy by Tiffany  Z, seconded by Taylor Cotton motion passes Principal will reach out to the person who was a handwritten in nomination in the last election to see if she is interested.  If not interested a new election will be held. 
    • SSC Board Officers-
      • Chairperson - Tiffany Zumdick
      • Vice Chairperson - Cecy Castellanos
      • Secretary - Jennay Butler

    Motion to accept officers listed above by Danielle W., seconded by    Kelsey Johnson motion passes.  

    Data Review

    • Program Updates and Monitoring:
    • Goal #1 - 
      • Rios has 19 Certificated Teachers and Support Staff. These certificated staff members have used 23 of 156 hours of site funded professional learning. They have participated in an additional 82 hours of district funded professional learning. Topics include English Learner GLAD training, Math, Language Arts, Classroom strategies such as reading through small groups. All general education teachers completed the 4 hour Computer Science Badge in October/November. 
      • Teachers and Students have the supplies they need for learning. We have spent on instructional supplies related to student learning. This includes items such as pencils, whiteboard markers, art supplies, glue, scissors, & curriculum items. Teachers will be receiving an additional mid-year allocation for instructional supplies in December. 
      • Mr. Cotton has provided a before school First Lego League club for 4th and 5th grade students. 16 students attended the First Lego League Tournament on November 10th at High Tech High. 
      • Mrs. Estupinian and Mrs. Townsely are providing Rapid Robot Tutoring afterschool in December on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students were identified as needing additional tutoring through their literacy assessments, EL, and Homeless/Foster status. December’s tutoring is focused on first through third grade students. It is our hope to continue this tutoring to include other grade levels in the Winter.  
      • Several days of sub release for teachers has been used this year to support teachers and student’s needs. Teachers have been provided release from the classroom for planning time related to changes in grades or classes, collaboration with their grade level teams, attendance of IEP or SST meetings, release to attend training during the school day, or release to assess students in a smaller setting. 



    • Goal #2


        • Our counselor, Miss. Yetter has had a huge impact on the positivity at Rios! She has been providing guidance lessons to all classes every 2 weeks alternating with library time, She has provided 5 guidance lessons to all classes: Intro to Calming Corner, Anti-bullying lesson, Respect lesson , Know Your Classmates lesson, Red Ribbon Week Lesson., provided before school and lunchtime welcoming activities for students, hosts lunch bunch every Friday, has facilitated the Character Awards Assemblies that are returning to Rios. She is running 11 group counseling sessions on 8 week cycles. Our counselor is funded by several sources. The district counselor allocation for Rios has been reduced from 2.5 days to 2.0 days per week. Miss. Yetter works at Crest 1 day a week.  Specials Education funds 1.5 days per week of her time to provide counseling services to students with IEPs. Rios school site funds 0.5 days per week from our Title 1 funds. Because of this change there may be a need to allocate more funding to cover the cost of the counselor. 
        • Early Drop Off Club allowing school to be more accessible to all students. This year Early Drop Off has continued and is funded by Rios. This year we have added more structure to the club to provide crafts, games, a designated space. The Club operates on a drop in basis as families need early Drop Off and Students need additional school time to complete assignments. On average we have 40 students each morning in Early Drop Off Club, The numbers below are students who are registered for the Club. 
          • Out of district - 18 students/ 6% 
          • Other CV Schools - 35 students/ 12%
          • Rios - 40 students/ 14%
          • Signed up for club - 93 students/ 33% 
          • Our school enrollment is at 282 students/100% 


    • Goal #3


        • Mrs. Gassaway is serving as an intervention teacher 50% of her time funded by Rios site Title 1 funds. During her time as an Intervention Teacher she has been focused on Language Arts Support for students. She has participated in Reading Training with the second grade teachers and education specialists. Mrs. Gassaway has been working on systems for our Literacy Boost groups to collect data on student progress through various assessments. These assessments provide her and teachers with data on students strengths and weaknesses around reading. Additionally, Mrs. Gassaway is conducting groups English Learners in the afternoons. She runs 4 groups per day, seeing 67 EL students. Four students have been reclassified out of EL status this year so far. 


    • Goal #4


      • Family Engagement to be an inclusive campus to our non-English speaking families, our families affected by homelessness or foster care and our low socio economically disadvantaged families is part of our goals. Graciela our Liaison provides communications between families and school. She assists with translation of school documents for families, translation for school meetings, support for ELAC and DELAC, and a parent volunteer system. The district provides for one day of a liaison, Rios site funds provide for our second day per week of Graciela’s time. 
      • Babysitting to support families. We have provided babysitting for two school events the PTA Quarter Auction and Back to School Night. We typically have two babysitters for these types of events. During the Back to School Night we had the babysitters supervising the kinder playground while kinder parents attended their classroom presentations. This was well attended for kinder parents. Older grade level students were not sent to babysitting, rather parents allowed students to sit in classrooms, be outside or play on the upper playground unsupervised. At the Quarterauction very approximately 8 children needed babysitting. 
      • Council discussed any additions or changes to the projects above

    Single Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)

    • Planning for the remainder of the year and into next year


    • Transfers

    Motion to approve site budget increases to estimate for cola and benefits in Title 1 for Counselor to $10,000 and Community Liaison to $11,000 by Tiffany, second by Cotton motion passes

    • Current Budget Status


    • None to share

    Share Committee Reports

    • None 

    Public Comment 

    - Limited to items in SSC perview


    “ Hello Council,


    I won’t be able to attend the SSC meeting today... I’m disappointed to miss it; however, I’m so grateful that we have so many parents involved this year. 


    One question I wanted to ask at the meeting is if the runner-up parents from the spring election have been contacted about the opportunity to serve. If I’m interpreting the bi-laws correctly, it seems like we didn’t need to have a new election in the fall to fill new vacancies, but should have contacted the runner-ups from the previous election. Perhaps we can do that now for the new vacancy.


    I also wanted to ask about why Rios has started doing award ceremonies. I thought that the student showcases were implemented to replace outdated award ceremonies. Student showcases allow students to enjoy the intrinsic rewards for the work that they’ve been doing in school as they show their parents what they have learned. Award ceremonies are ineffective at improving student behavior and often backfire. The focus becomes about extrinsic rewards rather than intrinsic rewards for working hard and being part of a learning community. Here are a few posts about the efficacy of award ceremonies and what schools can do instead: 








    Another item I wanted the team to consider is our library program. There is strong evidence that schools with a certified school librarian who run a strong library program have higher achievement scores. I think it would be wise for our team to consider using funds to hire a certified school librarian. Here’s a summary of the researched benefits of certified school librarians: 









    Thanks for your work with the SSC. I hope all is well with all of you and your families and that you enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving.


    Take care,

    Jocelyn “


    Discussion with Council: 

    -Runner Up questions addressed in agenda above. Principal will ask the one person on the write in ballot from the Fall if they would like to be on SSC. If not Council voted to conduct an election.


    -Joceyln via email. Award Ceremony?  Question of effectiveness. Activity was done with staff at the end of last year, and staff wanted recognition and positive experience for students.  Parents have requested award ceremonies through parent feedback last year. Awards are done to help with confidence and building a connection between the students and parents. As a way to bring families into the school setting. Recognition for students in various areas mostly character and RIASEC to bring WOW throughout the school and to families.  Students there are very few academic awards, but on character traits and RIASEC to connect to what teachers are doing in the classrooms. As the school brings back awards assemblies we have adjusted each time to provide the best experience for students and parents. In general the awards assemblies have been well received by students and parents.


    -Jocelyn via email Librarian?  Current Librarian is a district allocation to Rios of 2 days every other week. On alternate weeks classes participate in guidance lessons with the Counselor. The team can consider adding more days to the librarian.  It would cost $15,000 to add another day every other week for our librarian. This is a more costly position than a parent liaison. Teacher and student benefit would be very minimal. Teachers have access to the library and its resources at all times.  Librarian has built in time to work with the classrooms or small groups of students on the days she is here outside the designated library time. Suggested putting out information about the local libraries for families to utilize. Possibly have a library representative come to Rios and offer families library cards. Creating a stronger connection with local library. 

    Adjourn School Site Council Adjourned at 4:00pm.  

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  • October 1, 2019

    Posted by Liz Loether on 10/1/2019


    Rios SSC Agenda 

    Date of Meeting: October 1, 2019

    Time of Meeting: 3:15-4:15

    Location of Meeting: 13413 Rios Canyon Rd. Multipurpose room

    Link to ByLaws

    Call to Order   Called to order 3:21pm October 21

    SSC Business

    -Approval of previous minutes Linked here - Motion to approve by Tiffany and second by Sabrina Motion Carries

    -Validate vote for parent members - Verified by Cecy 

    -Welcome Jocelyn and Zabdy

    -Receive new parent members

    -Training Slides linked here

    -Review of By-laws Linked here Motion to approve Bylaws and revision by Tiffany, Second by Kelsey  motion carries

    School Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)

    • Review and approval of School Site Plan



    • Current Budget Status 
      • Title 1 - $8,089.08 
      • Supplemental and Concentration - $55,457.38


    -Share out from Graciela Next meeting ELAC Meeting October 15, 2019 @3:15 pm.  

    DELAC meeting October 8, 2019 

    ELAC is supported with translations.  Parents are attending workshops on campus. 

    Committee Reports

    - Safety Plan Presented by Joni Malecek, School Site Safety Advisor  

         Official Public Hearing, city officials have been invited.

         Approval of the Comprehensive School Safety Plan by staff and SSC.  Motion to approve School Site Safety Plan by Tiffany Zumdick , Seconded by  Sabrina Wimmer, Motion carries and approved. 

    -Importance of School Attendance - Results of September Attendance Awareness Campaign

    -Parent Involvement Update - Upcoming events and parent engagement activities 

    -Family + Teacher Teams for Back to School Night

    -Parent Feedback Surveys

    -Parent Career examples, relating to RIASEC

    -send out jobs to parents 

    -Virtual Field Trips - Nepris 

    -move item to PTA 

    -After School Care survey/waitlist in office for interest-Needs 30 kids

    - post in the office for waitlist.

    Public Comment 

    - Limited to items in SSC 

    Next meeting December 3, 2019

    Adjourn Meeting  Meeting adjourned October 1, 2019 at 4:24 pm. 

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  • September 6, 2019

    Posted by Liz Loether on 9/6/2019

    Rios SSC Agenda 

    Date of Meeting: September 6, 2019

    Time of Meeting: 3:15-4:15

    Location of Meeting: 13413 Rios Canyon Rd. Multipurpose room

    Call to Order at 3:23pm

    SSC Business
    -Approval of previous minutes, Linked Here Motion to approve minutes by:   Tiffany Zumdick and Sabrina Wimmer,  All in Favor Motion Passes

    -New Members Taylor Cotton and Danielle Weatherford, classroom teachers. Staff voted on 8/15/19. Motion to accept new members by :  Jennay Butler Second by Tiffany Zumdick, All in Favor Motion Passes

    -Discuss of open parent position and chairperson position. 

    Motion to open 2 parent/community members for schoolwide nominations and voting by:  Motion by Sabrina, Second by Tiffany Zumdick, All in Favor Motion Passes.

    ByLaws: Section G:  Vacancy

    Any vacancy on the council occurring during the term of a duly elected member shall be filled by the next voted candidate from fall election or by regular election if candidate list is exhausted.  Replacement member(s) will fill the remainder of the term of the vacant seat.


    Erika Broderdorf, Chairperson, term ending June 2021 
    Cecilia Castellanos, term ending June 2020
    Christian Howell, term ending June 2020
    Tiffany Zumdick, Vice Chairperson, term ending June 2021
    Sabrina Wimmer, term ending June 2021

    Rios Staff Members:

    Mrs. Loether, Principal 
    Mrs. Jennay Butler, Teacher, Secretary, term ending June 2021
    Mr. Taylor Cotton, term ending June 2021
    Mrs. Danielle Weatherford, term ending June 2020
    Ms. Kelsey Johnson, non-classroom staff member 2020

    - Review and approval of Home School Compact motion to approve Home-School Compact by  Motion by Jennay Butler, 2nd by Sabrina Wimmer, all in favor Motion Passes

    -Video Training for School Site Council Members - https://youtu.be/QOueEaxuPWY

    Council members watched the training video. 

    School Plan for Student Achievement (Site Plan)
    School Site Plan was approved by SSC and CVUSD Board in May. This year we will continue to assess programs for improvements. Program examples below:
    EL Intervention with a 50% Teacher 
    Additional Counseling Time with 10% of Counselor (0.5 days per week)
    Before and After School Programs to support student opportunities and academics, Early Drop Off Club, First Lego League have started.
    Family and Community Engagement with 20% of Liaison (1 day school funded, 1 day district funded)
    Review of Last Year’s Data - The council reviewed data for future planning. Printouts provided. 
    CAASPP Data - not available at this time 
    Current Budget Status
    Title 1 $8188.66
    Supplemental and Concentration $51,971.18
    -Share out ELAC dates, see attached flyer. 

    6% Arabic   22% Spanish Speaking families. Rios will translate documents to English and Spanish. 

    The ELAC is welcome to send a representative to attend SSC throughout the year:Graciela in attendance today. 

    Committee Reports

    Public Comment 
    - Limited to items in SSC perview

    No public comments. 

    Adjourn Meeting
    4:18 pm.

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