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    Creative Writing Class Description

    Creative Writing uses the Get Writing series,  by Leif Fearn & Nancy Farnan, as a fun, organized systematic approach to high-level writing.  The program is a comprehensive, balanced writing program that focuses on the application of creative thinking skills, processing skills, and content.   The class focuses on three components of balanced writing associated with learning to write well:  content writing, the writing process, and the time demands of learning to write well.

     This course is designed to provide instruction in basic language skills and integrates reading, writing, speaking, and listening while emphasizing individual student progress.  Course content depends on the student's abilities entering the course.  Instruction may include vocabulary building, spelling and grammar, writing and composition, reading silently or aloud, and improving listening and comprehension skills, while integrating cultural awareness and global responsibility.
     A few of the activities students will investigate include:

    Sentence writing

    Sharing work orally

    Word Building

    Creating a newspaper

    Writing a Creative Piece

    Movie Reviews

    Creating a digital movie trailer using Animoto

    Creative figurative language art piece

     Creative Writing is offered as part of the 6th grade wheel.